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pet-daycare-services - auntcarrie

 Pet Home Visits

We look after a wide range of different animals in your own home/garden, from dogs and cats, to tortoises and rabbits.


We offer 30 min visits which is ideal for dogs that need companionship but cannot walk too far due to being elderly or very young puppies. This makes time for looking after your pets needs, from feeding, toilet break, administering medicine, lots of cuddles and attention. We will tailor the visits to your own pet's needs once we have met you both! You may be on holiday and need a pet feeding whilst you are away, and we will also collect your post, water plants, put lights on and off and a radio if your pet has one.  

Weekdays - £ 7.50 per visit
Weekends - £ 10.00 per visit

We also offer a 20 minute visits which are ideal for very young puppies who need a toilet break in the garden, or for feeding your small animals whilst you are away. Again, we tailor each visit to your pets own needs and offer a range of services including feeding, watering, cleaning of hutches and cages, interaction and cuddles.

Weekdays - £ 6.50 per visit
Weekends - £ 8.50 per visit

Please feel free to call Aunt Carrie Animal Nanny on 07979 536 973, call Shelley on 07791 261 753, or click to
contact us if you have any questions, or wish to make a no obligation appointment to meet us and discuss all your pet requirements.