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 Equine Services


I have always owned horses of my own, and my last horse Connie, which I sadly lost in December 2014, was aged 27  & enjoyed 22 years of fun with me! Connie was my main show-jumper and dressage horse, so I am very used to looking after horses to a very high standard. I have owned 2 Border Collies who helped me in the fields everyday and help out with general field duties!!!


If you are wanting someone to look after your horse or pony whilst you are on holiday, have work or social commitments, I have extensive knowledge and experience, and would be very pleased to come and meet you and your horses so I know exactly what is needed whilst you are away.


Whether your horse is stabled or left out in the field, we will be happy to feed, change water, muck-out, and change rugs etc.

Please call Aunt Carrie Animal Nanny on 07979 536 973 or email your enquiry for a no obligation appointment and we will be happy to give you price once we have discussed your requirements.